tape in style

Who needs fancy wrapping paper when you could have fancy tape? I know I've blogged about this tape before but when it comes to the holidays and I'm starting to wrap presents again, I can't get enough of this Japanese tape.  I love the way it looks with simple brown butcher paper, wax paper,  tissue or newspaper and to dress up a holiday card! Here's a bunch of Happy Tape ideas that I got from their blog. Happy taping!


Sneak Peek!

 We had a great shoot!! Here are just a few of the fabulous photos our photographer took. 

Here I am with one of our beautiful models, Sophia.

Our wonderful team! A very special thanks to everyone. Susan Eslick our assistant stylist- without her nothing would get done! Kim Reid, our incredible graphic designer. Jen Siska, the photographer taking all the gorgeous pictures. Then there's me, Lily Rachles, photo stylist who brings you all the sneak peeks! Last but not least, the design director, the woman who designs all the clothes, and my mamma, Andrea Rachles!!


I'm always finding beautiful mobiles like

and this


Child Child Chair

I love this. Two seats and a table all in one from Child Child Chair. Their website is really cute and there are so many beautiful photographs, It was hard to choose!


paper puppets

Cute DIY paper puppets from With Her Animal Poetry. Something fun to do with an older child, or make them yourself and display them in your child's room!


Dry Erase Paint

I do love chalkboard paint but I don't love the chalk dust! IdeaPaint has created dry erase paint that goes on in one coat and can be painted anywhere. Pick from an array of soft colors to paint your hallway, walls, kitchen cabinets or even your furniture.  Their site is very informative with videos, ideas and the way they their product impacts the environment.


built-in beds

As I was surfing the internet for a built-in couch idea in my apartment, I came across these beautiful built-in children's beds on Remodelista. These cocoon-like, cozy beds look so inviting. I might have to build a bed instead!

Also, Remodelista is a great place for inspiration on anything in your home. It's one of my go to sites, besides this blog of course!

change...in style!

What a great use of space! These nursing tables by byBo design could attach to any wall in your house and nobody would know it was a changing table! I love the modern approach to a seemingly utilitarian item. 


ooh la la!

We are always looking for inspiration and what better place for that than Paris! The muted tones with splashes of color, the old architecture, the flea markets and flowers were perfect to keep our minds rolling for upcoming collections.


fall is all about color!

I love these beautiful rich dark colors for fall. How about the two-toned walls?? Love love them. On top of this look being gorgeous, painting a dark color on the bottom and a lighter on top can be an alternative to having an entirely dark room. Plus it also gives the appearance of taller ceilings! It can be a bit scary to take the plunge at the paint store, but these photos (via jojo's room) really show that dark colors can still look youthful!


Sneak Peek for Spring 2011!!

Bright, colorful and perfect for spring. There's something bright in your future! There are tons more fun styles to choose from come spring!

Here's to the Angel Dear crew! We had a great shoot once again. The Spring 2011 collection is beautiful thanks to creative director Andrea Rachles and graphic designer Kim Reid. A very special thanks to our wonderful photographer Jen Siska and photo assistant Lauren Grant. Cheers to stylists Lily Rachles and Susan Eslick for their amazing talent. We couldn't do any of it with out all of you!


A free blanket? YES!

This pretty much explains itself! Check it all out at Angeldear.net.


celebrity style

Baby "McSteamy" is nice and cozy in her cashmere onesie from Angel Dear! Eric Dane, from T.V.'s Grey's Anatomy, sure knows how to dress his baby! For more pics click here! Find new styles at www.angeldear.net.